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TPD-BC3G-26-05CRC9 mobiilne antenn 0,5m kaabliga

Saadavus: Tellimisel  Tarneaeg: 14-30 tööpäeva

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The TPD-BC3G-26 is a simple, portable data card antenna. This paddle style antenna is easily positioned on a notebook or laptop screen using a hook and loop pad. The connector is plugged directly into the mobile broadband data card, express card or USB modem.


The TPD-BC3G-26 has been designed to fit in the packaging that modems are sold in, making them perfect for bundling as an accessory to improve customer data and retention rates.



On the move


Designed to work across all cellular networks worldwide, Panorama´s accessory antenna allows the user to roam internationally with confidence, knowing that their signal will always be optimised. Hook and loop attachment means the antenna is secure whilst in use, but stores away in minimal space.


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Laokood PAN19
Vali bränd Panorama-Antennas
Hankija kood TPD-BC3G-26-05CRC9
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