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Midland LUX 1500-S autoantenn 1500mm, stats. alus, 4m kaabel, LED valgusega

Saadavus: Laos  Tarneaeg: 2-3 tööpäeva

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Midland Lux is the genesis of a new line of CB antennas, born to make special the installation of the best CB radio for cars and trucks.

It ensures the highest performance, and enhances the visibility at the best.

The antenna base is provided with a waveguide which emits light when it is crossed by radio frequency. It lights up automatically when the radio is transmitting, meanwhile indicating the equipment is correctly working.

The antenna needs no power supply and is totally waterproof.

The articulated joint has the particularity to be anti-theft and anti accident. Once locked, it is possible to remove the handle, so that it becomes impossible to unlock the antenna and its unwanted removal.

LUX 1500 –S cod. C1259
Max applicable power: 800W
Length: 1710mm
LUX 1000 –S cod. C1268
Max applicable power : 600W
The articulated joint anti-theft and anti-accident Max applicable power: extremely high
LUX 1500 –PL cod. C1257
Max applicable power: 1000W
Length: 1645mm
Suitable for mounting on eave, mirror, and center roof (accessories not included)
cod. KIT224 LUX 1500-PL + 120/PL MAGNETIC BASE


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Laokood A517
Vali bränd Midland
Hankija kood C1259
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