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Midland H9 - 4k UHD Seikluskaamera WiFi-ga, puldiga

Saadavus: Laos  Tarneaeg: 2-3 tööpäeva

149,00 €


MIDLAND H9 - UHD 4K 30fps action camera

H9 is an ultra-slim action cam with a compact design and excellent resolution: Real 4K! H9 can record films with a resolution of up to 4K@30fps; moreover, the built-in Ambarella chipset guarantees the best videos ever! Thanks to the Panasonic sensor, H9 can take high-quality photos up to 14MP.

H9 completes its full equipment with a waterproof case inside the box: renewed and ready to protect H9 from dust, mud and rain. You can also record your videos up to 30 meters under the sea level!
What’s more? A wrist wireless remote control, to switch the camera on and off, as well to take pictures and shoot videos, at hand. Don’t you want to miss your off-road manoeuvres, aren’t you? 
The image stabilizer will guarantee a high quality for your videos, whether you use the Time Lapse or the Video Time Lapse modes: check the frames on the 2” LCD display or on your device, with the dedicated app “Midland H9”, to connect via Wi-Fi.
H9 has a card slot for micro SD, up to 64 GB and various optional accessories and supports (flat, curved, 90° and a handlebar) to change your recording point of view.


Resolution - 4K@30fps, 2.7K@30fps, 1080p@30/60fps, 720p@120fps
Wifi - Yes
APP dedicated - Yes - Midland H9
Angle view 170°
Immediate recording - -
Lens - Wide Angle lens
Rotating lens - No
Image stabilization - Yes
Battery Li‐Ion 1050mAh
Sensor - Panasonic Sensor
Aspect Ratio --
Format - P4
Memory Capacity - micro SD card Class 10 up to 64GB
Memory/Time - -
Charging time - 2h
Stealth Mode - -
Low Light - Yes
WaterProof - With waterproof case up tp 30 m
Photo - Yes
Photo Resolution - 14MP
Photo sequence - Burst Photo feature
Self-timer - Yes
Tripod mount - Yes
External mike jack - No
USB - Yes - Micro USB
Weight - 75g
Dimensions HxLxP - 58 x 40 x 29mm
Operating system - -


Tarne pakiautomaati Jah
Laokood A571
Vali bränd Midland
Hankija kood C1405
Saatja tüüp Ei
Vali raadiosaatja mudel millele lisavarustust otsid Ei
Vali raadiosaatja tootja millele lisavarustust otsid. Ei

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