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Antenna Command Center

Control up to 5 Antennas

Select the right antenna, for the right band, at the right time with the MAC-200. The Master Antenna Controller operates as your base station control center, eliminating complicated switching and tuning. With the MAC-200, you can select between up to five antennas and tune automatically to minimum SWR. You can monitor your power and SWR with two convenient meters on the front panel of the unit. The MAC-200 puts you in control of your antennas.

Smartuner™ Technology Inside

More than a Switch

With SGCs Smartuner technology inside, the MAC-200 uses two built in microprocessors to automatically select the correct antenna for your operating frequency, quickly and accurately. It stores the correct settings in memory and will recall the settings for a previous frequency in less than ten milliseconds. The MAC-200 is the perfect choice for anyone using multiple antennas in a base station system.

Technical Specifications

HF Frequency Range:

1.8 to 60 MHz

Power Input Range:

1.5 to 200W(PEP)

Number of Inputs:

1 type SO-239

Number of Outputs:

5 (1 end fed, 1 balanced, 3 coaxial)


Typical: Less than 2:1

DC Input Requirement:

+13.8 VDC(nominal)

DC Operating Range:

+10 to 18.5 VDC

Input Current:

230 milli Amps average

Initial set time:

Typical: Less than 2 seconds

Recurrent set time:

Typical: Less than 10 milliseconds

Memory Capacity:

168 non-volatile locations

Antenna Length:

9ft(7-60MHz), 40ft(3-60MHz)




Operating Temperature:

-35 to +70 degrees C


8.5L x 6.5W x 3H inches


5 pounds

Case Construction:

Extruded Aluminum*

Cables and Connections:

No cables supplied


1 SWR, 1 20/200 watt power scale

Impedance Ranges:

Longwire: .2 - 5000 ohms

Feedline: 5 - 1000 ohms

Balanced: 5 - 1000 ohms

*Not designed for outdoor installation.


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