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HQ HQLSEASYPWINDC LED riba, puhas valge, tuba/õue 2900 lm 5.00 m

Saadavus: Laos  Tarneaeg: 2-3 tööpäeva

Tavahind: 55,42 €

Erihind: 29,90 €



The easy-to-install, pure white LED strip lights up to 2,900 lumen and is made from top-quality materials for durable high performance, which is guaranteed by a 5-year warranty. The LED strip is perfect to decoratively light buildings in and outdoors as it is protected with an IP54 rating, which means that it is dust-resistant and protected against water splashing from any angle. Some caution should be taken into account however, as the strip is not fully protected.
It has 60 LEDs per metre, can be cut to size and is therefore suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, cabinets, bedrooms, eaves etc.


• Top-performance LED chips, for the brightest light
• Optimal lumen transparency through LEDs covered with best-in-class gel
• Silicone glue instead of PU glue for better heat sink and transparency
• Double PCB from pure copper for optimum heat sink


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