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HFW-2 Litz Wire per meter

Saadavus: Tellimisel  Tarneaeg: 14-30 tööpäeva

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High Tensile Strength Excellent Conductivity More Power Larger Bandwidth The HFW-2 is a high-grade antenna litz wire (braid) for constructing antennas. Whether you want to build a dipole, a wire beam, a longwire, a quad or a delta loop - with this wire you can solve the usual problems of wire antennas. HFW-2 braid wire is built on a stainless steel core with 1.5mm Ø. This core is covered with a silver plated copper mesh. Because of the steel core the wire has a very high tensile strength, sufficient to raise long dipoles or beverages very tautly. The silver-plated copper mesh on the outside results in a very good conductivity, good for high currents as they are present at the center of a dipole. In contrast to other ´premium´ wires with smaller diameters, the HFW-2 braided wire is much more robust and even used in military applications. The larger diameter results in larger bandwidths for dipole antennas. The silver-coating of the dense copper shield is the reason for an excellent conductivity and high power handling capabilities. Another benefit is the plastic coat. The HFW-2 is protected by noble metal and withstands tens of years of outdoor use. The HFW-2 becomes lighter, offers less wind load and less surface for ice. All in all the HFW-2 litz wire is an excellent alternative over other wires, and it is Made in Europe! Long lived, strong, weatherproof, high power handling, comparably lightweight - a wire antenna can´t get much better! Technical Data HFW-2 Steel Core Diameter 1.5mm Ø Material 49 x 0.18mm CrNiMo 1712 - UNI 6900/71 stainless Copper Braid Diameter 2.1mm Ø Material 49 x 0.15mm Cu, silver coated Temperature Range -100 — +155°C Weight 22g/m DC Resistance 30 Ω/1000m Breaking Load 1170 N


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