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ECOFLEX-15 koaksiaal kaabel 50ohm ø14,6mm 1m

Saadavus: Tellimisel  Tarneaeg: 14-30 tööpäeva

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Ecoflex 15

Ecoflex 15 Data�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Download PDF
Diameter:.................. 14,6 mm
Impedance:............... 50 Ohm�
Loss@1GHz/100m:... 9,8 dB
max. Frequency:....... 6 GHz

Ecoflex 15 is a flexible and at the same time very low-loss 50 Ohm coaxial cable for the�
frequency range up to 6 GHz. Most modern� methods of production and the use of
low-loss PE-LLC dielectricum with a gas proportion of more than 70% allow very favourable�
attenuation values.�

The special design of Ecoflex15 combines the excellent attenuation values of rigid
1/2�-cables with fixed inner conductor with the ease of installation of RG-coaxial cables
with a stranded inner conductor.�

The high flexibility of Ecoflex 10 is secured by a 7-core stranded inner conductor made of�
low-oxygen copper. The inner conductor is compressed, calibrated and subsequently getting�
a precoating, using a special method, to get good values for loss and matching.�
A further plus is the double shielding: An overlapping copper foil and an overlying copper braid�
guarantee a high shielding value of > 90 dB at 1 GHz.�

The black PVC-outer coating of Ecoflex 15 is UV-stabilized. For ease of installation, solderless
connectors in the norms �N�, �UHF� and �7-16DIN� were developed, which can be�
assembled in few minutes without any special tools. Ecoflex 15 is a modern coaxial
cable for all applications in the field of high frequency telecommunications: Low-loss, stray�
radiation safe and suitable for frequencies up in the microwave range.�


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