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AS-1090 Pre amplifier 1090MHz

Saadavus: Tellimisel  Tarneaeg: 14-30 tööpäeva

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The AS-1090 is a pre amplifier designed specially for the Virtual Radar receivers SBS-1 and Radarbox. With such an amplifier the reception range of the SBS-1 is considerably extended. The AS-1090 can be used with any passive antenna like the GP-1090 or a discone antenna.

An antenna pre-amp should always be mounted as close to the antenna as possible, not at the end of the (long) cable. If the pre-amp is used at the end of the cable (downstairs) it will still amplify the signal, but also the noise added by the cable. This results in a worse signal to noise ratio (SNR) and thereby in less effective decoding of signals. Another advantage of using the pre-amp right at the antenna is that you can use a cheaper cable with higher attenuation for the long downlead to your shack.

Technical Data

  • Frequency range: 1030 - 1090MHz

  • Gain: 12dB

  • Noise figure: 0.9dB

  • Supply voltage: 12VDC over coax (remote)

  • Power consumption: 100mA

  • Max. Input level: +2dBm

  • Connectors: 2x N female

  • Size: 74 x 93 45 mm

  • Weatherproof: case for mast mount

* The AS-1090 includes all mounting hardware for mast mount. A Bias-T (DC injector) is not included.


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